How Does Your Website Work? The Web Developer Toolbar Will Help.

February 21st, 2012

Our January 2012 newsletter showcased links to a variety of useful tools for SEO.  We thought you’d like to get a little more detail about our recommendations.  This time it’s the Web Developer Toolbar.

The Web Developer Toolbar is a little add-in to your web browser and gives you valuable insights into how web pages are configured and why things are working (or not working) they way they are.

The original web developer toolbar was developed by a guy Chris Pederick and is available for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.  Microsoft has developed its own Internet Explorer tool, which isn’t quite as good.

The toolbar allows you to see a lot of information about the underlying computer code that is used to build a webpage.  This is useful if you want to understand more about your own website’s performance in the search rankings, for instance, or if you want to investigate your competitors.

In practice you can use web developer toolbar to display the meta page title or the alt image information associated with pictures and graphics.  This “hidden” data is used by the search engines to help determine what the page is about and allocate a ranking.  As you get more confident with managing your site then the toolbar is a useful “debugging” tool.  It will help you to see where a piece of information or image is being called from in the code or from the CSS style template.


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